The Standard

Craig Stalowy • Tom Johnson
Course Description:

We live a “Wake – Work – Win” lifestyle. Whether we are at the fire house or at home, every day is an opportunity to get after it and get better. We wake up with purpose, work our asses off to meet our goals, and strive to win. Sometimes we fail, but we wake up the next day ready to win again.

In 2017, after reaching a sizable audience on social media, we started a podcast under the Fit To Fight Fire brand called Lead Yourself. The show quickly held its place in the top 10% of all podcasts. And after two best-selling books, leadership coaching, an apparel line, and over 1 million downloads of the podcast, it became clear that our message resonated outside of the fire service. The message morphed into more than just Lead Yourself. It became The Standard. For Fitness. For Family. For Life.

We don’t want to see anyone ever lower their standards. We are about holding the bar high even when others attempt to bring it down. We want you to live The Standard and never compromise it for anything or anyone. We want you to wake, work, and win every single day.


Craig Stalowy The Standard, Co-Founder

Truck Company Fireman – East Metro (CO) Fire Rescue – 18 years in the fire service

Tom Johnson The Standard, Co-Founder

Truck Company Captain – East Metro (CO) Fire Rescue – 15 years in the fire service