a hands-on experience returning to Denver – October 1-3, 2021

2020 classes have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We are working on a virtual option and will let you know more as those plans develop. Please stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest


Simply put, we want to create a platform to bring high-level classroom and hands-on training to Colorado firefighters. As departments and firefighters realize an ever-increasing cost affiliated with sending people to national conferences and trainings, they have been scaling back on the number of people able to experience this type of learning. Through this conference, we will help individuals and departments gain invaluable training opportunities without ever having to leave the Denver-metro area…thus allowing more people to get the training at a lower cost to everyone.

The 2019 class/instructor list included: Brothers in Battle, Irons and Ladders, Bob Pressler, Bill Kraus, When Things Go Bad, Dave McGrail, Tactics on Tap, Rescue 4 Oeprations, Brian Brush and Scott Thompson.

The 2018 class/instructor list included: The Nozzle Forward, Brothers in Battle, Irons and Ladders, Fire by Trade, Elkhart Brass, Chris Piepenburg, Fit to Fight Fire, Ric Jorge, Firefighter Craftsmanship, and Big Rig Rescue with Rescue-4-Operations.

The 2017 instructor cadre included: Brian Brush, Ben Ojinaga, Ben Shultz, Cody Trestrail, Brian Olson, Ryan Royal, Bryan Lynch, Dave McGrail, Dennis LeGear, Matt Fullerton, Jesse Wooten, Jason Haley, Chris Piepenburg, Ross Reinking, Adam Woodin, Justin Sinnett, Kevin Contreras, Ryan Thomas, and many others!

Conference Schedule

Friday: lecture + camaraderie

Saturday & Sunday: hands-on classes

Expect long days of hard work. Lunch will be provided on the hands-on days, there will not likely be a choice in food, so if you have special dietary needs please bring your own. Previous years have featured Firehouse Subs and Chick-fil-a.

**** For courses that require SCBA, we need you to bring your own!  With the number of students and instructors that require SCBA, it is impossible for MHFC to provide them all.  Please bring your own equipment and spare air cylinders.  If you are flying into Denver and cannot bring bottles, please bring SCBA if possible, and email milehighfirecon@gmail.com if you cannot obtain these items.


Registration for 2021 will open in the spring of 2021.

Cost? A price that is designed for firefighters by firefighters…more info soon.


See our social media for more information on each track.


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