What began as a way to bring fire service instructors to the students in our region, has evolved into an event that now features students from all across the country who continue to seek out quality hands-on-training regardless of its proximity to home. We are grateful to see so many firefighters in and out of our region attending MHFC and similar events focused on firefighter training around the US.  Regardless of how the conference has grown, our goals remain the same: Provide high-quality training at a reasonable price while supporting those that support the fire service.

We currently partner with Terry Farrell Fund who provides assistance to active Colorado firefighters and their families in times of need, and Fire Nuggets whose goal is to help create competent, effective, aggressive, and efficient firefighters through high quality training and education. Through MHFC and our partnerships, we hope to see continued growth and improvement in the fire service.

The 2022 lineup included: David Sprague, Oren Bersagel-Briese, Craig Weinschenk, Bryan Lynch, David Wolf, and Chris Byrne, Dave McGrai, Jim Hensel, Sam Hittle, Magic City Truck Academy, Rescue 4 Operations, Jay Bonnifield and Pat Williams, Ben Ojinaga, Irons and Ladders, When Things Go Bad, and The Colorado Collaborative Crew

The 2021 class/instructor list and lecture series included: Jim Hensel – Jeff Shupe – Cody Trestrail – Firefighter Craftsmanship – Scott Hardin, Jay Bettencourt, & Trey Young – Irons and Ladders – Eric Wheaton – Jeff Shupe – Thomas Anderson – Brothers in Battle – Fit to Fight Fire & Kevin Shea – Rescue 4 Operations

The 2020 virtual lineup included: Irons and Ladders, Firefighter Craftsmanship, Jonathan Brumley, Jay Bonnifield, Adam Maiers, Gary Lane, Kiel Samsung, Jeff Hakola, Nick Ledin, Jeff Mrwick, and Cody McGinnis.

The 2019 class/instructor list included: Brothers in Battle, Irons and Ladders, Bob Pressler, Bill Kraus, When Things Go Bad, Dave McGrail, Tactics on Tap, Rescue 4 Operations, Brian Brush and Scott Thompson.

The 2018 class/instructor list included: The Nozzle Forward, Brothers in Battle, Irons and Ladders, Fire by Trade, Elkhart Brass, Chris Piepenburg, Fit to Fight Fire, Ric Jorge, Firefighter Craftsmanship, and Big Rig Rescue with Rescue-4-Operations.

The 2017 instructor cadre included: Brian Brush, Ben Ojinaga, Ben Shultz, Cody Trestrail, Brian Olson, Ryan Royal, Bryan Lynch, Dave McGrail, Dennis LeGear, Matt Fullerton, Jesse Wooten, Jason Haley, Chris Piepenburg, Ross Reinking, Adam Woodin, Justin Sinnett, Kevin Contreras, Ryan Thomas, and many others!