The Colorado Collaborative Crew

Jonathan Brumley • Eric Tollund • Shawn Duncan • Nick Fox

Big Line basics

Course Description:

In this back-to-basics class, we will focus on the fundamentals of handling the 2 ½” hand line from the rig to the fire. We’ll cover stretching, advancing, and flowing in multiple applications including exterior, hallways, corners, and stairwells. We will also cover standpipe operations and deployment methods.  Throughout the day we’ll discuss when to choose the 2 ½”, its benefits and drawbacks, and how to overcome some of the pitfalls we’ve seen when operating the larger hand line.  This class is designed to be a fun and educational review of the basics, as well as showing some tips and tricks on how to make the 2 ½ work for you instead of against you.  Whether you are a rookie or a 25-year veteran, we are confident you’ll feel more comfortable on the big line after this course.


Jonathan Brumley is a firefighter with the Denver (CO) Fire Department. He began his fire service career in 2009 and has served as a career and volunteer firefighter. Brumley has a BBA in finance as well as numerous fire service certifications. Jonathan is also an instructor with Fire by Trade, LLC, taught at fire conferences nationally, and has published works in several trade magazines. 

Eric Tollund is a 25 year veteran of the fire service.  He began as a volunteer in Durango, Colorado, and now serves with the Denver Fire Department as Captain of Engine Co. 23   He has a passion for engine company operations, specifically fires in high rise and standpipe buildings, and has instructed nationally on this subject.

Shawn Duncan began his fire career as a volunteer firefighter in Arvada CO in 1995.  He worked his way up to career lieutenant before making the move to West Metro (CO) Fire Rescue in 2005 where he spent 10 years as a firefighter on the heavy rescue truck. He currently serves as Captain of E5 and Hazmat 5. Shawn is a member of the NFFF National 9/11 Steering Committee and has held Stair climbs across the nation. He also teaches with Fire By Trade and is an adjunct instructor with West Metro.

Nick Fox is a firefighter in Aurora CO where he has spent the last 15 years riding the back step of the engine.  He’s currently assigned to the Tech station.  He’s been a lead instructor for engine ops for multiple recruit academies and has been instrumental in changing fire attack packages for his department.  Nick has been involved with MHFC since its inception as a sponsor, staff member, and now instructor.