Steve Robertson

Stretching for Success

The Engine Companies Guide to Winning…Stretching for Success

Course Description:

What puts out fires? It’s still water. This class is about engine company priorities and tactics. Topics covered are selecting and placing the first handline in service properly (a priority); apparatus placement, line selection, matching the proper nozzle to the proper line, and line placement. Overcoming difficult stretches, vertical stretches, and short-staffed stretching are also covered. In this ever-evolving modern fire environment, special emphasis must be on selecting and placing the first line correctly. We must put ourselves in a position to stretch for success.


Lt. Steve Robertson, Columbus Division of Fire, has been in the fire service for 33 years, the last 30 of which has been with the Columbus Ohio Division of Fire. Steve currently serves as the Lieutenant on Engine Company 18 in the South Linden neighborhood of Columbus. Steve has been a classroom instructor at FDIC for the past several years teaching engine company operations. Additionally, Steve was the lead instructor of the FDIC HOT program Stretching For Success, and Engine Company operations, Form the Science to the Street. Steve is an instructor for County Fire Tactics and has taught engine company tactics nationally. He has also instructed at the High Rise Operations Conference and Command Officers Bootcamp, Water on the Fire conference all in Pensacola Beach Florida.

For the past 27 years, Steve has also been a state-certified Fire Safety instructor. He is also a past member of the State of Ohio Fire Training Committee.