Rescue 4 Operations

Advanced big rig lifting and extrication

Course Description:

Rescue-4-Operations will be teaching a 2-day advanced heavy lifting and extrication class at the MHFC. This class will go over the fundamentals of big rig work.  Instruction will include the 5-step process, advanced strut theory, anatomy, and a deep dive into slings, chains, wire rope, and much more.

What separates this class from other big rig classes is the opportunity to actually extricate on different types of big rigs. Also, the second day of this class will be primarily scenario based where it will be run like an incident. The big rig will need to be lifted, the passenger vehicle pulled out, and then extricated on. This will be a class where you will gain valuable experience you can’t find anywhere else than at the MHFC.


Tyler Giliotti is the lead instructor and owner of Rescue-4-operations. Tyler has nearly 18 years on the job. 15 of them working on a truck company as a back step fireman. He now is a lieutenant on a heavy rescue company. Tyler is also an RSO with CO-TF1 which he has been a part of for the last 15 years. 

Joey Tenuta has been an instructor with R4 operations for the past 5 years. He has 10 years on the job and currently works as a fireman on a heavy rescue. Joey is also an RSP with CO-TF1. 

Chris James has over 28 years of service with the Denver Fire Department. For over 20 years of his career, he was assigned to both Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 as a Technician, Engineer, and Lieutenant. Instructor James among other things is a Paramedic, Public Safety Dive Instructor, and Division Chief of Training for the Eaton Fire Protection District.

Tyler Hice is a firefighter with the City of Greeley, Colorado. He has been in the fire service for 16 years and has served in the role of company officer and firefighter. He has had the fortune of working for departments that regularly extricate. He enjoys sharing his experience with all levels of firefighters

Zach Nielsen is a Driver Operator with Montgomery County ESD 1 (North County) down in Texas. He has had the privilege to serve in the fire service for a little over 9 years between Colorado and Texas combined.  Having been fortunate to be around great mentors and with departments that have extrication calls quite often, he has pridefully gained and shares his knowledge.

Jonathan Maxfield is a fireman on Rescue 4 at Poudre Fire Authority. He has 14 years in the fire service. 8 years were spent on a Ladder company as a driver operator. The last 8 years has been spent attending various technical rescue classes as well as teaching for Rescue 4 Operations and Poudre Fire Authority.