Rescue 4 Operations

Rope FUNdamentals

Course Description:

Many of us were given an exposure to rope rescue from sources we regarded as being subject matter experts with a narrow lens of possibility. In many of these cases, a framework of rigging practice was established without an exploration of the fundamental tenets of this complicated discipline. Rigging sound rescue systems and developing the depth of knowledge necessary to be a true technician is more than a class, it’s a life’s practice centered around finding the why.

As fellow rope nerds we strive to solidify the fundamentals like the foundation we will build a house on. With an understanding of the physics and engineering of these systems the aspiring technician can learn to rig with purpose and practicality. Our goal is to give students the knowledge to be effective on the rescue ground, confidence to solve problems, and leave with a desire to dedicate themselves to the art of clean rigging.