Mike Schofield

Performance code

Developing a Firefighter Strength and Conditioning Program

Course Description:

This course will provide peer fitness teams, training division members, and department leadership with a framework to successfully implement a strength and conditioning program that prepares their firefighters in a safe and effective manner. The course will cover the basics of evaluation, strength and power development, conditioning and energy system development, mobility, plyometrics, and program structure to support firefighters of all levels.


Performance Code owner Mike Schofield. Performance Code serves as the Aurora Fire Rescue academy strength and conditioning provider. Prior to Performance Code, Schofield served as a strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball for thirteen years. Schofield spent time as a minor league strength and conditioning coach with the Arizona Diamondbacks, minor league strength and conditioning coordinator with the Atlanta Braves, and major league assistant performance coach with the New York Mets. Prior to his professional career, Schofield completed his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Colorado State University and holds several certifications in multiple areas of the performance field.