Jim Hensel

Mayhem Mindset

Course Description:

In your life’s greatest moments of opportunity or your darkest hour, will you be enough? Are you PREPARED? Being PREPARED for the significant events in your life starts with knowing yourself. Finding your place in life or building culture in your family, team, or business begins with knowing yourself. Your ability to clearly articulate who you are and what you believe, then describe your intended purpose is one of the critical determining factors in being PREPARED.

In the Mayhem Mindset Process being Ready means you have your emotions in the right place at the moment, but being Ready is not enough. Being PREPARED means your emotions are under control, and you have done the work in your life to give yourself a fighting chance when opportunity strikes or you face tough times.

Becoming PREPARED is fluid and dynamic; learning is in the doing; it’s a process in the Mayhem Mindset Course. Getting PREPARED starts by defining yourself; creating language and personal philosophy or code for your life.Don’t count on being READY, do the work to become PREPARED