Instructors / Classes

Pre-Conference Officer Development Series (September 29th)

David Sprague: Align your training and promotional processes with The Work! A study in success.

David Sprague: Why is there a labor management class at MHFC?

Oren Bersagel-Briese: First Due Priorities: Is the focus on firefighter safety providing the citizens their best possible outcome?

Craig Weinschenk, Bryan Lynch, David Wolf, Chris Byrne:

  • UL-FSRI Coordinated Fire Attack Roundtable
  • UL-FSRI Search and Size Up Roundtable

Dave McGrail: Habit Based Fireground Operations – “It’s all about the process

Friday Keynote Lecture Series (September 30th)

Jim Hensel: Mayhem Mindset

Bassel Ibrahim: One Bad Day: Proactive RIT Operations

Sam Hittle: The Extras

2 Day HoT Courses (taught both October 1st and 2nd)

Bassel Ibrahim: One Bad Day: Proactive RIT Operations

Magic City Truck Academy: The Dark Side of Ladders

Rescue 4 Operations: Rope Fundamentals

1 Day HoT Courses (taught once October 1st, and then again October 2nd)

Jay Bonnifield and Pat Williams: Anatomy of a Push

Ben Ojinaga/ Lead Stretch Advance: Engine Co. Operations in Multi-Family Dwellings: Form, Function, and Flexibility

Irons and Ladders: Truck Academy

When Things Go Bad: Residential Primary Search

The Colorado Collaborative Crew: Big Line Basics

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