Conference Schedule

Friday: lecture + camaraderie

Saturday & Sunday: hands-on classes

All students who register are invited to attend the Friday September 27th lecture series at Hilton Garden Inn DTC at 7675 E Union Ave. Denver, CO 80237 (additional booking info at bottom of this message).  Please arrive at 0830 for check-in, followed by some amazing speakers.  Note: This is your only opportunity to check-in!  Speakers include Chief Dave McGrail, Chief Brian Brush, and Chief Scott Thompson.  Some sweet MHFC merchandise will be for sale here, so bring cash if you don’t want to miss out!  After the lecture series, plan on attending a social event where students and instructors can share a beer or two before hitting the drill ground the following day.  This will be held at Pint Brothers across the street 4900 S Syracuse St. Attending Students will have free parking at Hilton Garden Inn, but space is limited, so please carpool and be prepared to park nearby if you show up late!

Saturday September 28th, and Sunday September 29th students will arrive at their training site by 0800. Each track has its own training site, and students will be responsible for getting themselves to and from training each day. Here are the track locations:

Track 1: Brothers in Battle- Searching for them (2 day course)

City of Aurora Public Safety Training Center: 25950 E Quincy Ave. Aurora, CO 80016

***PPE requirements: Full turnouts including SCBA w/ two bottles, helmet, eye protection.

Track 2 Irons and Ladders- Forcible Entry (day 1), Practical Ground ladders (day 2)

Metro Fire Training Center: 2301 W Chenango Ave, Englewood, CO 80110

***PPE Requirements: Bunker gear, helmet, gloves, eye and ear protection.

Track 3: Pressler/McCormack/Kraus- First Due Truck, When Things Go Bad- Unconventional Ladders.  Classes are 8 hours each. Students will be split between the two on Saturday morning and will flip on Sunday.

South Metro Fire Training Center: 17801 E. Plaza Drive, Parker, CO 80134

***PPE Requirements: Full turnouts including SCBA w/ two cylinders and facepiece.  Gloves, eye and ear protection.

Track 4: McGrail Fire Ops- Standpipe Operations (day 1), Lead, Stretch, Advance- More Hose!!! (day 2)

North Metro Fire Training Center: 1006 WCR 11, Brighton, CO 80516

***PPE Requirements: Full turnouts, helmet and gloves

 Track 5: Tactics on Tap- Short a mucker extrication (2 day course)

Littleton U-Pull: 5100 Aspen Leaf Dr. Littleton, CO 80125

            ***PPE Requirements: Full Turnouts, helmet, gloves and eye protection

Track 6: Rescue 4 Operations- Big Rig Rescue 2 Day Workshop

LKQ Heavy Truck: 9090 Brighton Rd., Henderson CO 80640

***PPE Requirements: bunker gear or long sleeve BDUs, helmet, gloves, eye protection, steel toe boots.

Track 7: Brian Brush/Scott Thompson- Bottom Up, Top Down Leadership and Development

City of Aurora Public Safety Training Center: 25950 E Quincy Ave. Aurora, CO 80016

***PPE Requirements: Pocket protector

Expect long days of hard work. Lunch will be provided on Saturday September 28th, and Sunday September 29th. There will not likely be a choice in food, so if you have special dietary needs please bring your own.

**** For courses that require SCBA, we need you to bring your own!  With the number of students and instructors that require SCBA, it is impossible for MHFC to provide them all.  Please bring your own equipment and spare air cylinders.  If you are flying into Denver and cannot bring bottles, please bring SCBA if possible, and email if you cannot obtain these items.



We have secured a discounted rate at our host hotel Hilton Garden Inn DTC at 7675 E Union Ave. Denver, CO 80237.

To book a room at our host hotel follow the link below. Space is limited at the discounted rate so hurry and book.  There are multiple other affordable hotels nearby as well.