Ben Ojinaga with Lead Stretch Advance

Engine Co. Operations in Multi-Family Dwellings:

Form, Function, and Flexibility

Course Description:

In this course we will break down the positions of Company Officer, Engineer, and Firefighter and identify the form, function, and flexibility that needs to exist when combating fires in multiple family occupancies. The instructors will break down the different types of multiple family occupancies from the central hallway apartment building to building types that are often converted into multiple family dwellings.An in-depth look at building effective systems, preparation tips, and execution methods at each individual position will assist each member at building an effective and flexible team to combat their next fire in a multiple family occupancy.

This course will culminate with a series of box alarm drills allowing each member to drill in real time the knowledge and skills obtained from the course.


Ben Ojinaga started his fire service career in 1991. He is a Battalion Chief for The Greeley Fire Department. Ben is a lead instructor for Engine Company Operations for the Front Range Fire Consortium and Greeley Fire Department. Ben is the founder of Lead-Stretch-Advance. Ben believes and fosters the mentality of aggressive, smart, and “them” focused fire ground operations

Zach Crocker is a Lieutenant for the Greeley Fire Department. He is a lead instructor for the Front Range Fire Consortium Academy which trains new recruits for fire departments across Northern Colorado, Southern Wyoming as well as Montana. Zach appreciates the aggressive nature of his fire department and enjoys sharing that mentality with anyone willing to listen.

Leo Meli has been in the fire service for 12 years with the last 10 years riding the backstep at Boulder Fire Rescue. In addition to co-instructing Engine Company Ops at the Front Range Fire Academy for the past 3 years, he recently volunteered his services as a coffee sherpa at the 2019 PDX Firemanship Conference. Leo has taught at MHFC on several occasions. While Leo enjoys coffee flavored coffee and large volumes of water with minimal nozzle reaction, he is not a fan of triggers on nozzles. Leo believes that with proper training that focuses on the basics that all Firemen can become magicians on the fire ground.