Bassel Ibrahim

One Bad Day

Course Description:

In this presentation, we will discuss the many facets of RIT, from the stress response physiology to the command aspect, down to the rescue itself. We will discuss the difference between a proactive and reactive RIT; then dive into the key factors for success (Teamwork, Communication, Leadership, and Pre-Planning). Once the basic concepts are established, we will address the actual RIT activation process in the following order: The Mayday, Size up, Access, Search, Troubleshooting, Air Management, Victim Packaging, Extraction, and Post Extraction Care. This interactive PowerPoint presentation will encourage the students to take a deeper look at the functionality of RIT and realize its importance on the fireground. Through case studies, collected national data, and personal experiences, I will share information, photos, and videos that students can relate to and take back to their respective agencies in hopes of enhancing their training ability to conduct an effective RIT operation. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of pre-determined assignments and being proactive.


Bassel Ibrahim is a 17-year student of the fire service, currently serving as the Company Officer of Engine 1 on the Orlando Fire Department, Bassel started his career in Volusia County, FL. Spent most of his time on Special Operations units (Orlando Heavy Rescue 1 & Tower 6, Volusia Squad 35 & 23) and was a member of FL Task Force 9 for 7 years. He is a Florida Smoke Diver/instructor, Georgia F.L.A.M.E.S graduate, and teaches Truck School, VES and RIT operations at many conferences around the country (Orlando Fire Conference, Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo, FDIC, Firehouse Expo, Fire Rescue East, Bridgeport fire expo and BOTO Conference, County Fire Tactics, Fireground Commanders Conference.).

Bassel leads the Orlando FD new hire PT programs, and the Orlando competition teams and teaches the USAR series at the state level. Bassel has also presented his Lecture titled: “One Bad Day” Proactive RIT Operations to many local fire departments and FOOLS chapters in the state of Florida, Georgia, and Texas; and is scheduled to present at FDIC 2022. He also has taken part in podcasts and interviews with Cigars City FOOLS, Truck Company Misfits, National Rescue Consultants, the Scrap Firehouse Vigilance, Can man radio show, and 3-point firefighter podcast. He recently wrote an article on RIT Operations for Fire Engineering published in the (September 2021 edition)